Halloween Themed: Work on Saturday

I went to school this morning with an attitude. I wanted to be able to take a shower and eat some food at Dunkin Donuts before I had to be at work at 10:30, but I didn’t leave the house until 10:17 and Dunkin D until 10:25. I didn’t have any time to sit down.  I was fussy with myself because I took too long of a shower. It’s cold these days and being in a hot shower feels awesome. Plus, I wasn’t thrilled about going to work on the weekend. (I’ll have to get over that sooner than later as it’s apart of my job requirements.)

Angelika and I  played four corners with the perspective students (who I’ll be teaching during the new semester). One of my students from Little Campus is coming to join our academy (I think) so I’m really happy, because he’s such a great kid.

I felt so weird having to be in costume again. But then I thought, I work at a kindergarten. I’m supposed to dress up in silly costumes even if I do feel ridiculous for doing it.  I realized once it was all over, that even if I had to dress out of character –even if only for a bit, it was cool because most people my age don’t have jobs where they can dress up for Halloween or wear a  silly dress because they’re in a play! So, now I think it’ll be fun to dress up again for Halloween. I’ve thought of being Greek Goddess Aphrodite, but I don’t have anything white  (for the dress) or gold (for a belt and crown) or the money to buy anything new. I’ll think about what I can do, the good thing is I have the wolf ears and eye liner for back up!




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