Help Me Decorate My Classroom! Video After Text

Today was alright. It was a cold one. I dislike any and all forms of cold–cold, windy cold, and freezing. Today was a windy cold. Reminded me of Ithaca, minus that lake effect snow. I put a hat on but should have went back for gloves…classes were okay–my last class needs to have the law laid down to them . (I tried to get my co-worker to help me, but she had somewhere to be–and they happened to be doing great.)

Also, because of the time frame, I’ll need to have game day cut short. Half lesson time and half activity time, involving the things we learned during the week. It requires more planning, but I’ll prepare something tomorrow. I just want to make it a little easier on me especially since tomorrow I’ll be planning for the big day–open lesson in November.

I also did a video of my classroom, I’m in need of decoration ideas. I already know I want:

American flag desk covers, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, feelings…

Also I’d like to have a project to make something as a class–so I can put it up. I also want to put up verb phrases, past, present, future and of course everyday expressions like “May I _______ please?” Oh yeah, and I don’t want it to be too overwhelming.

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