Getting Braces in South Korea

Check out the video I made today. All dental work is courtesy of Dr. Seo and his team at San Francisco Dental Clinic in Busan.





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2 responses to “Getting Braces in South Korea

  1. Rebecca

    I’m stupidly amused that your dentist is named Doctor Saw 🙂

    • It sounds like saw? I guess it does…some Korean words sound a lot a like to the untrained listener–서 (sawe/seo), 셔 (syawe,syeo), 소 (soh),샤 (sya),수 (sue)… that makes it so hard when learning. But I’m sure once a person is trained in writing, reading, listening and speaking it becomes easier to interpret which characters are being used when….I’ve gotten some of it, but it’s still difficult!