Sunday: Brunch in Busan

I ate at The Pancake restaurant in Seomyeon, right near Cold Stone. I had a rough idea of where I needed to be, and just found it as I walked. I had the blueberry pancakes, an egg sunny side up and a sausage. It was no IHOP, but I was really hungry. I liked that the pancakes had a lot of blueberries, but that made them really mushy. While there, I met Jean, an English teacher in Busan from the states. We struck up a conversation and headed to Kyobo Bookstore for some great finds. Looking for a knitting book


Today was great. I’ve got two little kids in my neighborhood that like to follow me home. It was the first time I got to talk to them. They now know I’m an English teacher and that I “Korean speak little.”  They’re so cute, but I always feel like someone should be watching them, especially when it’s dark. All the time I was there, I thought they didn’t know any English, until I said bye aloud as I  locked up my bike. The little boy and little girl said bye and then I heard hello as thought the older of the two were making a connection with greetings in English. Super cute and a great way to end my day.

Pictures as soon as I can remember that I have a camera!


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