The two little kids I see in my neighborhood talked with me as I chained my bike. about 15 minutes ago. They asked  me what floor of the apartment I lived on in Korean. I told them I lived on the first, and they nearly  followed me inside the door like welcomed guests! They were so cute saying hello to me from the street. Is it wrong I want to recruit them to my academy and be their teacher? I’m always happy when they come and talk to me, even if I only interact with them for five minutes at a time. I’ve got to take a picture of them, they are too cute!

But can you believe it, they tried to come in my apartment? Someone should be watching them very close. Kids think everyone is their friend. That’s dangerous.

At School:

In other news, I played Hopstotch with my Little Campus class. They had so much fun! So at break time, I started seriously brainstorming about my open lesson, coming at the end of November. I had tons of ideas, and decided to solidify something on paper. Just as I jotted down my ideas, I asked Angelika, the head foriegner teacher for help. I now have my ideas down. It’s the writing it thoroughly I have to complete tomorrow, show Angelika the final draft as well as prep the materials I’ll need the day of. I’m worried that the directors won’t like the idea, but I hope that it works out okay. I’ve heard they’ll change it completely if it’s not what they want.

The Peanuts Class:

Three days perfect, and the fourth day Karen decided she wouldn’t continue to do her work unless she found the pencil she lost. I gave her one of the pencils from the pencil cup, but she refused to take it, throwing it on the ground. At that point, I just said I couldn’t help. She was refusing to accept my help, so I moved on to the next page with Ivy and Sandy (the 2nd graders) and Donna. But then Karen started talking to Donna, and Donna didn’t do her work. Problem? I told them repeatedly to be quiet, that this was class time not free time, then I said it again louder, and continue to work. I checked Ivy and Sandy’s work, told them they could play hopscotch, and Donna and Karen could sit out.

I told them I wasn’t angry with them, just tired because I have to repeat myself over and over . That I tried to help Karen and was disappointed Dana wasn’t doing her work. Not in those exact words, but similar. I told Esther and she’ll have a talk with Karen tomorrow.

The End (Thee End, The End–my class always debates–I think it doesn’t matter but it does!)

That’s it! Enjoy the video and photos!

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