The Crazy Ninja

Today was great. My Korean kindergarten is getting a bit crazy, but it’s  nothing that a little more star erasing and time-out won’t fix. The Peanuts class went really well. We finally finished five pages in a row!!! I made a ninja face out of origami paper after they finished their workbooks and said “Look at my ninja! hee–yaahh!” to the girls.  Dana asked if I was a ninja. It was the most hilarious part of my day. Well, that and the fact the kindergarteners love rubbing my legs and attaching themselves to me in some way before and during class…

When in a circle, someone always wants to pet my leg, put their hands on my knee or just sit really close. And it’s the funniest thing when getting in a goodbye circle–two students are always fighting to grab my hand. I’m loved and definitely know it.

Highlight of the day (well, another) I saw a candy that was pretty much a replica of a beer mug with beer in it! Only in Korea! (I was told it taste like pineapple.)

Here are some pictures from last weekend and some weekends before that:

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