1 Year and Three Months in Korea

Today I finally began making materials for my open class on December eleventh.

So, after telling The Peanuts class we had to finish the grammar book, I got some serious attitudes. Minutes after I took out left over donuts and some fruit to help ease their pain–it all changed to happiness. I had to swat a hand away because one  kept grabbing for donut crumbs before I could finish taking the donut out of the bag.

I’ve decided to keep game day, but I don’t think it should be an entire fifty minutes (we’ve only had it two times so far).  I think thirty minutes of book work and twenty minutes of game time is reasonable. Granted they worked really hard this entire week (after my Korean co-worker yelled at them for a solid three minutes last week), we went out with the new soccer ball Michelle gave me for the classroom.  They had fun. (Gives me an idea for asking and answering questions for the open lesson. If they get the answer correct, they can kick the ball! Motor skills in action! )

Anyways, I think it’s still my most challenging class ever. I’ve got to get a handle on materials for each Friday–things that are fun, a twist on bingo–more sentence structures as in “I like ____, it’s five thirty” so they can remember how to tell time and how to tell someone dislikes, likes and feelings in English. I’ll start that on Wednesday.

Next week Monday through Tuesday I’ll probably stay late to finish all of my open lesson materials. I’ve got Mrs. Beck and Michelle coming to check out my class and how they’re doing on learning the open class material on Friday!

OK, this part isn’t about work! Yay!

Yeah, lots of stuff to think about on Sunday. I haven’t yet decided if I should go to Gwangju tomorrow to see my friend Heather, Britt (her boyfriend) and eat a Thanksgiving dinner. It’s about three + hours to get there, and I’ve got to find myself a motel (which I really don’t want to spend money on)…

Decisions, decisions…so glad it’s Friday. I was super tired an hour ago. It’s 7:37 now. Woo hoo for this weekend!

No pictures…Thanks for reading!

–Khadijah ❤



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2 responses to “1 Year and Three Months in Korea

  1. hey khadijah,

    i have a question for you. WHY are you in Korea?

    Lots of love and respect [whatever your reasons]


    • I don’t have much of an answer now, other than I’m using my time to learn more about what it means to teach and of course, pay off student loans. I’m almost certain, it will be my last year in Korea… I’m thinking of going to grad school for a masters in education in another country…more on that later, once I’ve figured out some plans. 🙂