Getting Braces In South Korea: YouTube Videos 1-3

I too have decided to document the process of my braces. Every two weeks I make video blogs about my dental appointments and how my teeth feel. The one dated for today is because I wanted to mention something very important. Check them out (the first one is ten minutes, so you might want to fast forward…)



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2 responses to “Getting Braces In South Korea: YouTube Videos 1-3

  1. Khadijah, teeth are so important and one of the first things we notice about other people. Your teeth look great, nice and big and white, and of course being black the contrast is all the more dazzling. I have always looked after my teeth but intend to get them whitened – not excessively in a few weeks. Dentists in the UK, probably like the USA, are massively expensive. Anyway, I hope it goes well. They look great and be well worth the cost when they even out. Good luck.