Two Mandarin Oranges And One Apple

North Korea v. South Korea:

As you know North Korea fired at South Korean island Yeonpyeong today. I just read about this an hour ago from The Washington Post. My dad and mom called me within minutes of each other asking if I was okay. I am. I told them there’s nothing I can do but hope nothing further happens. They both made sure I knew where the nearest embassy was. It’s in Seoul, four hours and forty minutes away from Gimhae (my current living place).

However, there is an army base in Busan (40 min. away) and my old city Gwangju (three-point four/five hours away). I should probably buy an open-ended ticket in the near future…

At School:

My evaluation was very positive and I’m really glad. There are still some improvements I’d like to make with my Little Campus classes (like more songs related to the theme we learn and learning them on guitar) and just having more interactive activities for my elementary students. So tomorrow I’ll be working on my open class materials (which I’m almost half-way finished–woot!) and looking up fun kid songs….

I allowed Karen to rest all class because she  sounded and looked terribly sick.  At the elevators,  I got a co-worker to tell her I hope she felt better and to get well soon in Korean…

Well, we’re finished both our books, but need a speed up on the new books, since we’re supposed to be 28 pages ahead before next Monday. So I’m making sure we work hard Wednesday and Thursday to finish them. With the new books, I’m ready to come up with better activities for Friday (which is 35 minutes book and 15 minutes for activities) and just everyday class too. Like better five-minute bingo’s using target language from class! I’ve got all these ideas and should refer to my blog when writing my next to-do list.

At the end of the day I went to the ninth floor to use a stapler when finished, I played with Bella, Sam, Dana and Ana–some of the youngest students at KDLP. I told them I was hungry and they were my food. It was hilarious the way Dana kept jumping up and down. I had the best laugh I’ve had in a while.  Fun stuff!

Other Things Not About Today

Here are three pictures from one of my KDLP classes. I have all the students grab a vocabulary card. Each time they hear their word in the story, or see it in the picture, they must raise it up. It really helps them to pay attention. When one of them is not, the others yell their word at them. Have you ever heard kids yell “Jungle gym! Aiden! Jungle GYM!” It’s hilarious. But it’s great because all the students are showing signs they comprehend what’s on the card.



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4 responses to “Two Mandarin Oranges And One Apple

  1. Tony

    Sorry to hear that there is more North-South drama. Speaking in generalities, it’s surprising to me how a culture that is so respectful and peace loving manages to keep their cool when these things happen. I hope you’re keeping your cool and doing ok too.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing some of the specific activities that you do with your class! That card idea is pretty cool, and sharing it is helpful to those of us planning to follow in your footsteps.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. hi khadijah,

    you sure know how to conquer in difficult situations. congratulations on your teaching. i think nothing will ever feel impossible in your life.

    • Thanks Margot!There’s so much more I want to improve on, especially related to kids that have attitudes or are quick to get angry/whine about work. It’s tiresome having to deal with it, even when it’s in a language I don’t fully understand. I’m definitely looking up better techniques online to improve the situation as soon as I get to school tomorrow. Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear them! 🙂