Friday at 6:52pm

I’m in my apartment at 6:52pm. Tomorrow, I must wake up at 8am, shower then bike over to the bus terminal to catch the 9:10am bus to Busan. I’m headed to the dentist. And I believe their going to tighten the cohones out of my braces. I have to admit, I’m a bit tense about it, since I don’t know what it will actually feel like until it’s done.

Yesterday I recieved the most awesome care package from my god family in Martha’s Vineyard. I got a 3D paper gingerbread Christmas-themed house, a deck of cards, a Happy Halloween banner, a Martha’s Vineyard 2011 calendar, a sticker, thank you cards from everyone, a double-sided map which overlooks the island [the other side is the breakdown of the towns like Tisbury, and Oak Bluffs] and last but not least, a rainbow colored lollipop. Today I shared the lollipop will my kindergartens. They went bananas.

I’m so grateful for family! I was like a kid when I opened the box in my kindergarten class. It was so awesome, and I couldn’t stop smiling. The kids wanted to touch everything and of course eat the lollipop.

The best part of it all ,were the letters. It’s so great hearing how everyone is doing. And I’ve got to send back some Korean candy. I’ll have to find something only found in Korea–I’ll ask my kindergartners what they like to eat, in the mean time I have my own ideas.

Writing back is always fun. I never knew how much I liked writing letters! It’s the best.

It’s 7:04 pm. All I have in my apartment is pasta. I’m going to make some, top it with parmesan cheese and completely fumble with my chopsticks as I eat it. Eating any type of noodle is still very difficult to do with chopsticks, guess I should YouTube it.

Facebook is a verb. I just made YouTube one too. Ha!

Thanks for reading! Pictures below!

–Khadijah ❤

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