Cucumbers Aren’t That Bad After All

I got home 18 minutes ago! It’s 10:19pm. After staying at work to finish cutting out a boy and girl cut out and managing to gloss one over via contact paper, I decided to go have an Outback Steakhouse meal. It was pay-day and I stayed at work until 8pm. (Yep, 9-8!) I felt like I deserved some steak and a potato. So I went in and got just that for 21,000 won! It was good, though the steamed vegetables were too crunchy–I wanted them more melt-in-your-mouth, especially since the teeth sensitivity thing.

I’m going to have the best lunch ever tomorrow

I took some photos of the kids today–on the elevator and in class. One of them is going to be my new blog header…

Braces Stuff:

#1 My teeth don’t feel that bad. I thought I’d have to eat soup for more than one day, it’s pretty awesome!

#2 So, I wonder why my teeth don’t feel like crap like they did in the beginning…

#3 I wonder if my teeth moved a little…

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