Seoul Is Still #1


I went to Seoul at 12:09 via KTX. It cost me 48,000 won and with the bus and subway ride to Busan’s train station, it took a total of 4 hours.

When I got to Seoul station I met up with my friend Linda and others in Insadong. We went on a tour, but basically had no time to see anything since we had to be on the bus in twenty minutes. I met some cool people and got to see a real robot which I took a video of.


I went back to Itaewon with Linda. I ate some horrible Quiznos (it was terrible–perhaps because I was feeling pretty sick) then headed back to Insadong to buy gifts for my family/friends. Well, I got some awesome stuff. Insadong is gold mine for any occasion.

I caught the 5:35 bus to Gimhae, slept almost the whole time, and read a ton of my book “Bad Luck and Trouble” by Lee Child.

That was my weekend. It went by really quick, but I’m glad I got the chance to meet people and see an old friend.


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