Pearls And Diamonds

Donna, Me and Olivia. They just climbed on me and I was like "Kodak moment!"

No pizza for my class 1b. They continue to act like they have no sense–throwing things at each other and laughing when one of them is down. They can be nasty and I had to leave the room three times during class to straighten things out. Mainly the problem is with the boys. I just seem to have more boys in all my classes than girls! I’ll bring in donuts and make sure to eat them during class right in front of them, to prove that being good has it’s rewards… They just don’t understand. I feel really bad for the two girls, it’s them against eight boys…

My Little Campus classes went well, third day this week. We sang The Hello Song from that dragon cartoon show (you know the one with the sister and brother) tomorrow I’m going to show them a good bye song and Cookie Monster’s “C is for Cookie” song. I like that I’m incorporating more music into the classroom–finally it’s coming together, slowly but surely.

Ivy and Karen talked almost non-stop in class. Had their cell phones out, when I told them to turn them off. I had to take Sandy’s away for Ivy to realize what was going on. At one point, I got up and left. Karen was afraid I was going to get a Korean teacher (she yelled OK TEACHER!), but I wanted them to sweat. So I walked outside, got a cup of water, sipped it slowly, thought about how I would react and went back inside with “Are you finished talking?” All of a sudden they started asking for the answer to question two.

They pinked promised they’d be better on Friday. Literally, we pinked promised. For girls in second and third grade that’s pretty much their word. I’m holding all of them to it for sure. If not, privileges like snacks, games, crafts and KDLP dollars will go out the window.

Life Outside of School:

Found an awesome coffee shop. It’s called Cafe Bene. It’s super cute, and the snack sized waffles are awesome. So is the white mocha macciado (sp?). While there I read Caught by Harlan Coben. Reading reminds me how much I love to read. Soon, I’ll be replacing Coben with more real-life intellectual stuff such as  foreign policy, social issues and how historical changes/unchanged things damage how people perceive themselves and the world around them. I’ve recently been questioning things and just want to know more. So when someone asks me something related to those fields I’ll have an educated answer.

Well, that’s all for today.

Thanks for reading!

–Khadijah ❤



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  1. Evette Chambers and Family

    Happy Holidays to you Kadijah! How are you? Firstly, I am super proud of you. You have taken such courageous steps in your sweet and productive life! Many may not believe or may not have the fortitude to master such tasks. I’ve always found you to be kid friendly and a cheerful go-getter. Yes , you are well positioned in what a colorful setting. Two months ago, I too began wearing my braces. I am enjoying them and I actually believe that when my treatment is done, I will miss them. Therefore; don’t doubt it, I see my self prettier within my treatment and I see your’e beautiful withn your braces! We love you and we wish for you continuous success within your travels throughout this fascinating life . We will continue to follow your blog with… LOVE! YOU INSPIRE US TO BE BETTER! Have a wonderful Xmas and a healthy and progressive New year!

    • EVETTE! AHHH! Dad was just talking about you last time he was at your house! You have braces too! What??! Isn’t it something? It changes you’re hold attitude about smiling for the better! It’s really good to hear from you…I hope everyone is well! 🙂