One Year, Four Months and Two Days in South Korea

Happy to report this Thursday I’m joining my Korean co-worker in a group guitar lesson. It’s all Korean people and in Korean language. Of course I’m all first-time jitters, but I’m sure I can handle it. Considering Thursday’s soon,  I should probably practice tomorrow.

Still quite stoked for the Christmas town event at the Oncheonjang Orphanage in Busan this Saturday. We need more volunteers, so if you know anyone that can help/you can, please go to this Facebook link, add yourself and email me at my personal account on the message board.

1 yr, 4m and 2d

It’s all coming together nicely. I love teaching kindergarten. Today in my Little Campus class we made ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo, tomato and lettuce. They went bonkers and loved drinking mango juice, which complemented the sandwiches. Some of them even toasted their cups in Korean! I think I would have rolled over laughing if I heard them say “one shot!”

A Thank-You Dinner

Yesterday, the owners of the Gupo and Gimhae schools, Mrs. Hyun and Mr. Jung (married to each other btw), treated us foreigner teachers to an awesome dinner at Paradise Hotel right near Haeundae Beach. Before dining, we (Gimhae teachers) walked along to the the APEC buildling [where a very important conference between world leaders was held].  It wasn’t open so we just enjoyed the walk with Mr. Jung before meeting everyone at the restaurant.

The dinner was fabulous. I talked more with the owners and my Gimhae group than the other teachers. Having dinners which thanked us for doing what we do [especially the open lessons and the Saturdays], makes me feel appreciated and special at school. Dinners like these make me think about staying another year…

My job was overwhelming when I began and I hadn’t realized that until the fourth month. Now though, I feel more like I  mesh better with my environment. All the feelings of frustration in the past months were just that. The fact that I’ve handled a lot in such a short time makes me believe I can get through anything.


I upgraded my media space so here are all the pictures from today and Sunday.

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