Art Museum And A Good Book

From 12:30 to 6:50pm today, I was in Busan. There, I went to The Pancakes, since I hadn’t gone yesterday. The crunchy waffle (with pecans and cereal) and the hot chocolate were awesome. After eating I went to the Busan Museum of Modern Art. Artist Park Seo Bo was the main attraction–he had the biggest space in the museum. I admit I don’t immediately understand what I’m supposed to see in abstract art but I really enjoyed looking at these:[Right on the ticket it pictorially states one should not use cameras. I saw a student using hers and no one stopped her, so I took some photos too.]

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I might get in trouble for taking such photos and posting them on my blog, but I see them as very interesting works of art I would one day love to have in my own home.

There were others in the art exhibit as well. This one by artist, Em Ho, was interesting:


I think this one shows that death can be beautiful just as much as life can.

When I left Kyungsung University station, I saw these paintings from university students:

Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt.


So I thought where did this student find the idea behind this image? Have they been there to see it? Maybe. Kids on a stoop in Somewhere, U.S.A.--I guess.

Outside of the station I bought some winter boots. Finally, my feet won’t be cold anymore! Then I headed for Tom N Toms for a little something before I went back home. There, I ate a pepperoni pretzel and drank an ice tea. I probably ate it for about thirty minutes+, savoring the bite and sauce as I continued to deeply read How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill. It’s very interesting–a man at 64 finds himself fired from a very lucrative job he worked at over 25 years to working at a Starbucks in N.Y. cleaning bathrooms, moving trash and taking orders at a register.

I caught the bus at the Haeundae terminal and read more of my book.

The End

I had a great two days off. It was the best Tuesday I’ve ever spent. All I need is a good book and a place to read it. People say you need a hobby in Korea to stay stane–I think that goes for any place a person lives. I’m glad I’ve rediscovered one of my hobbies–one that’s bound to last a lifetime.



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2 responses to “Art Museum And A Good Book

  1. Tony D

    I had the same situation at the Seoul National Museum. I saw a student taking pictures and questioned it. Turns out, the icon just meant no flash photography. I think you’ll be ok. Thanks for sharing.

    Glad to hear that it’s possible to have a good time outside of metro-Seoul. With the GEPIK NET cuts and the introduction of robot teachers (gasp), who knows where some of us 2011ers will end up.