Asashi and Bennigans


I had the hardest time on the bus. I had arrived in Busan in the afternoon, but didn’t get to my friend Kira until night fall. I had gotten on the wrong side of the bus. I believe I should have just stayed on the train than gotten off and rode the bus. It took too long and I’m a mess with directions. When I got there Kira and I went to Japanese style restaurant Asashi. It was amazing. There, I learned donkassu was Japanese and not Korean.

We went to Kyungsung University to meet with her friends Fatima and Stewart but only Fatima showed, so it turned out to be a girls night out. We went to Thursday’s Place, were I had a terribly salty margarita–yuck. We played darts and then went to a Noraebang (singing room). I actually don’t like these places but ended up having fun.

Afterward, we headed for Kira’s place in Hadan, watched some MTV special on Harry Potter than drifted off to sleep.


Kira had to go to work, so I went to Hadan station, headed for Seomyeon. The Pancakes wasn’t open, so I went to The Coffee Bean and Tea. The cheesecake brownie and Chai tea latte really hit the spot. I then went to a PC bang to find out what touristy stuff I could do during my  Monday/Tuesday vacation. I wrote some things down, but just ended up walking underground and then back up until I saw Bennigans and went inside. The club sandwich was horrible. I really wanted a burger…. I ended up getting home at 2:45, watched Pineapple Express on my computer, and went to sleep. I didn’t wake up until 1:40 in the morning. I knew I was tired, just not how much.

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