Dentist And Another Day in Busan

Went for a routine tightening. This makes it number 4 I think…I go every two weeks, so I’ll have to look on my calendar to see how many times it has really been. So I pretty much stayed in Busan all day. I went to Iceberry in the Seomyeon area and had an ice cream waffle. Then I went to Kyobo bookstore down the main road. That was fun, because now I’m in the process of making my own D.I.Y. notebook. I went to Busan station and pretty much tried to make my notebook there while sipping on some iced Chai tea latte. It was a lot sweeter than I remembered last time, but it did the trick. I waited too long outside for bus number 127, so when bus 1004 came to the bus stop outside of the station, I ran and hopped on. Well, that bus ride was an hour and thirty minutes! There was so much traffic–both ways!

Well, I’m home now. I  had been invited to hang with the members from  Happy Guitar but I was feeling pretty tired and super cold.

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