Tongyeong: Day 1

I’m in Tongyeong right now, visiting my friend Danielle. It’s been a year and three months since I’ve last seen her! So when I got in to town she directed me to stuff to see, but we ended up walking around this awesome view of endless water and mountains. It was getting cold, but I didn’t seem to mind. We headed for her mixed martial arts gym, where she has class with eight men including her master, who’s a hoot. I took some pictures of her and she kept smiling–she’s happy in the environment.

The kind of work they do involves lots of upper and lower body strength. And get this, the type of fighting is UFC! I couldn’t believe it when she told me. I’m like my friend the vegeterian-vegan-when-she-can is doing UFC! She’s pretty awesome at doing it, even has a role where during group stretching she counts and says a phrase in Korean without any help! It was  impressive!

Well, I’m very proud of my friend Danielle! She’s really making the best out of Tongyeong for sure.

After fight gym we headed to her favorite restaurant where she had a tofu soup and I had my very favorite soup dwen jang ji gae. It was saltier than the best one I’ve had at a Gwangju kimbab place, but it was really hearty and the best Korean meal I’ve had in a very long time. We conversed about food and how I should stop eating out three meals a day. My theory is why cook when it’s already made or can be made in less than thirty minutes?

A majority of my money last month and the month before has gone to just eating food. I literally have water, sauces, jelly and butter in my fridge–no real food. I pride myself in eating good food when I can (and usually that means more Western styled things like spaghetti, pizza, burgers). So I definitely want to start eating better foods for my body–mainly oatmeal in the morning, more fruit and more water. If I’m not exercising now, I can still eat better, and get myself prepared for running in the warmer weather… Perhaps I’ll join a badminton club at the local elementary school or something like hiking that involves effort but mostly be among other people who want a better lifestyle for themselves.

Anyways, I’m waiting for Danielle to wake up. I’m showered and dressed. It’s 9:20am and I’m on vacation. I guess I didn’t realize how excited I am to see Danielle. I’m going to find a banana and maybe make some oatmeal…maybe I’ll even go to her school while she has English  camp!

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  1. I’m so glad you came for a visit. It’s good to see you again!