Seoul: Day 1 and 2


I met a Finnish girl named Mariska and went went out with her friends James and HyeonSeok. Believe it or not, HyeonSeok knew my friend Danielle! What a small world–I just visited Danielle on Wednesday! We didn’t stay out long, but for the time we did, I had fun-it was at the last place I started to get bored. We all kind of ran out of things to say and I think we all were pretty tired.


I woke up, left my number for Sean from Liverpool and his friend Kathryn from Busan, both bunking in the same room as me. I darted out of the door to find Mariska. I gave her my contact information, as she was headed back to Finland that morning…

I went to Paris Baguette for a bit of breakfast, and headed straight to What The Book in Itaewon. There I  got a 10,000 won store credit for the four books I had brought in. I got four new books and two magazines: 61 Hours by Lee Child, The Zahir by Paulo Coelho, Drama City by George Pelecanos, Runner’s World [because I’m going to start running again] and Vanity Fair [because Johnny Deep’s on the cover]. I stayed there for over an hour. What The Book is a favorite of mine.

After book buying I went to Garosugil [near Sinsa station]. I walked around mostly, took some pictures and had a bagel and Chai latte at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I had no idea they had their own brand of cream cheese.

I met my friend Kathie–we met on a sight-see tour of Seoul a while back– and we went to the Bank of Korea Museum, only to find it closed [so we thought]. While walking further we saw a gate and a police officer. He helped us and said we had fifteen minutes until the museum closed [different building], but could come back Sunday. Well, we went inside. I snapped some pictures, we sat down for a few moments and then  left. Didn’t get to see the chair made of money or get my face printed on a bill, but I saw what I saw and was satisfied.

Then we found out how close City Hall was from Myeongdong. We walked around, went to some stores and then shared a whopper at Burger King. While Kathie parted for home, I stayed in Myeongdong and went again to another bookstore. I ended my trip at Starbucks where I drank my favorite apple juice in the world–Martinelli’s. Ever since I tried some at College Bagel at Cornell, I became hooked. It’s organic and tastes like I just ate an apple! It’s wonderful stuff…. Maybe I’ll make an ad for them via YouTube on how popular it is in the R.O.K. Oh yeah, I actually ended my trip at Forever 21. They were having really awesome sale. The sale was so good I bought a shirt and pants.

Now, Still Saturday

I”m at my hostel–Hongdae Guesthouse. All is quiet. I decided not to go out with the other guests because I felt tired and had a headache. Now my headache is gone and I feel like I’m getting a bit hungry. Oh well. I’m going to take a shower and then read all about Johnny Deep.

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  1. aaron martin

    Wow! You are having a great time. I wonder what the book is going to read like. You could even do the lecture circuit! Incredible!!!!