Seoul: Day 3–The Last Day of Vacation

I ate toast and sipped a little bit of coffee from the coffee pot as it was my last day at Haeundae Guesthouse. It got cold fast, so I drank half of the half cup. Then I got on the train and headed for the 고속터미널 [Express Bus Terminal]. It was a quick ride. I’ve never come in from Shinsegae Department store and didn’t know Centium City, the bus terminal, food and shopping area, was so big. I saw cosmetic store Lush and new I wanted to go inside, but wanted to eat first.

There’s a really good fast-food place that sells satisfying meals for less than 5,000 won. I don’t remember the name, but it’s in the inter city terminal across from Centium City. Each dish is served with white rice and kimchi. I also had an ice vanilla late for 2,500 won. Pretty great for a meal that didn’t add up to 10,000 won plus…

Still interested in seeing Lush and in no hurry to leave just yet, I headed back over to Centium City to take a look. Well, let me tell you, I tried some moisturizer called Celestial. It was literally like my skin went from dry to plain butter. The unfortunate news was they didn’t have anything larger than 45g and it cost 44,000 something won. It was too small and too expensive, but had effective results.

After looking through the shop on my own, a sales associate came and asked me if I need help. I asked questions in my two sentence vocabulary—face, moisture, body soap—and she understood. She even helped me re-smell the soaps, and I tried a face mask on my hand. The associate massaged ointments, cleansed my hand and then applied lotion to it. My hand felt like butter.  I ended up spending close to 50,000 won in the store, but felt really good about the purchase. I also got a membership there since I have a feeling I’ll be buying more from them in the future.


I have a condition called eczema. This basically means that during the winter and really humid weather, my skin gets dry and I have the tendency to scratch myself like crazy on the neck, arms, back and legs. If you’re a friend of mine, you’ve might seen me scratch before. It’s when I don’t realize I’m doing it, it gets worse and I end up at the dermatologist. That’s eczema in a nutshell. It sucks because I’ll always have it, but I’m grateful it’s easy to treat.

How Eczema Treatment Works in Korea

In order to combat eczema in Korea, I’m given small blue and white tablets to take twice a day, skin cream in case I start scratching, special shampoo to clean my skin and lotion. To be honest, the lotion doesn’t work and  I forget to take the medicine. However, the skin cream stops the itch and the shampoo prevents my face [sometimes] from blemishes.

Lush Purchases

I bought Sympathy for the Skin—a moisturizer lotion and Porridge Soap with oatmeal. I’ve always known oatmeal was good for the skin. Normally I use my doctor prescribed shampoo—for my face, Dr. Bronners soap–for my body/hair and lotion, but I think this specific soap and lotion will be better. I don’t know why I never tried Lush before, but I’m glad I did today.

I’ll let you know how my skin feels after a week of Lush use. If it’s awesome, I’ll make a video about it and post it on my YouTube account.

Well, thanks for reading!

–Khadijah ❤


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  1. Hey Khadijah, we’re back at work. my husband tommy is heading for ghana today for a 2 month trip visiting our son and his family and helping the Baha’i community there. i’m very happy to be staying home. weather here is very cold and not much snow here in ithaca.