Being Goofy

Island in the Sun by Weezer is my first grade song for song day in February. I’m stoked about the song, it’s awesome, but I can’t dance and must make some moves for them to dance to. Glad I asked Angelika about it this afternoon. I’ll let my kids make their own choreography. So in my high spirits for the song, and fact I’m going to guitar soon, I  started playing it. The easy version uses  Em, Am, D, and G chords. I’d like to learn the more advanced version, but this is fine especially since we have to sing it tomorrow, and it might help, if I play it for them…Then they can make the moves….

Anyways, good day. My last class was super goofy. We had laughs, and I put my tough face on, though it only lasted until they finished their last assigned page. Between pages they were just laughing at everything. I love that they have so much energy and are really awesome kids to teach, but today I’m just like let’s go ladies, it’s time to get it done, you can goof off once we finish our work!

I took some photos and after work I bought some cereal. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had Frosted Flakes, so they should be good.


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