Friday: Donkassu and Home Plus

I bought some donkassu because I was ravished by the time I left work . It was good, and like I said I was starving. I went to Home Plus to see what cheap DVDs I could buy and ended up getting The Bourne Ultimatim for 3,800 won (total score!) and Star Trek for 17,000 something because I really enjoyed the movie. And then I got a bit carried away at the stationery section. I bought three different types of pencils and erasers for my classroom, a pencil sharpener for myself and two notebooks also for me. Since I’m studying Korean–through my co-worker and friend Amy (she’s the one I go to Happy Guitar with on Thursdays), I figured it’d be good to update my crappy thin notebooks to one of substance. Plus, the old notebooks were not really as awesome as the new ones came with nicer covers and sturdier backs.

The last thing I scouted out, which I couldn’t  figure out how to buy on Gmarket, was an electric blanket. I sure am glad I finally bought it. Going home was a hoot as I had my guitar on my back, my electric blanket loosely tied to the back of my bike and the stationary stuff/can of beans and tomatoes, my warmer and gloves all in the front basket. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I made it home alright.

Cordon Bleu donkassu, 8,500 won. Worth it because I was so hungry.


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