Pop Song Madness and Little Campus Bananas

This blog post was written for Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first grade class had rehearsal for our pop song today. The students weren’t dancing and the director told them it’s best for them to improve. A pop song dance should be more lively and they all seemed to stall.  It’s super frustrating when you have students  that don’t want to sing and dance at all.  They all had attitudes by the end of class because I wanted to make sure we got the dance right.

So I spent about ten minutes dancing to the song Island in the Sun by myself to create new choreography. I’m making them move more. It’s going to be fantastic!

My last class with Sandy and Ivy had to be postponed until tomorrow because another teacher was working with them and her class  on their pop song Baby. Pop song madness! February 12 is showtime…

Little Campus

I’m still having trouble with my Little Campus class. I even changed the way I taught class and they were still acting bananas. So tomorrow I’m enforcing the corner policy, and incorporating a system where three X’s mean corner time and anything after they can go with their Korean teacher. It’s mind-boggling how they were really a handful, then okay, and then I lost them again. They think English time is play time and they only listen after something has been said a billion times or take something away they shouldn’t be playing with.

My KDLP kindergarten is really good. Not many interruptions and they understand the way class works. It’s just challenging when you have kids that come up to you and tell you their problems in Korean, especially when I’ve only mastered hello, goodbye, see you later, it’s fun, I’m hungry and it’s delicious…Oh the drama of kindergarten, but I still love it!

These challenges are just what I need to help me  improve classroom discipline and management.

Didn’t have much time to edit the photos in the upright position, but I’ll make sure to edit them soon! On Wednesday’s cooking class we made Gang Jeong…

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