Future Possibilities…

It’s Saturday and about 33F outside. It’s also the afternoon and  I don’t think I’ll be going outside today. I’d love to order some pizza, but I’m trying hard to cook inside more often in efforts to save more of the small budget I already have. It takes a lot of discipline!  Just last week I bought my lunch Wednesday to Friday. It was yesterday I got really sick of tomato pasta. Anyways, I’m inside on a Saturday afternoon, searching online for my next job in another country. Here’s what I’ve got:

For the past two hours I’ve been online, I’ve come up with three possible employers:

1. Berlitz (South America, Asia, U.S.)

2. English First (Asia,  Russia)

3. Amity (Japan)

Berlitz is looking really awesome because they have opportunities in Asia, South America and the U.S. (in the event I ever want to come back home permanently.) It seems beneficial either way I go.

English First has let me take a look at teaching in Indonesia and China. And I like what I see.

Amity is in Japan. They work with all levels and ages. It seems very fitting but the hours are Tuesday-Saturday with a Sunday/Monday weekend.

I’m really impressed with each companies Website, job description, benefits, salaries and testimonials [mostly on Amity’s Website].  I still want to travel, but want to be closer to home. Staying in Asia another year would mean I’m still a whole day’s travel away. Also I’d have to survive another winter when I don’t want to!

I want a different work environment, but don’t know which country to choose!


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