My Day Was Fantastic! How Was Yours?

I had a fantastic day today. My dad is like in love with Skype and now we video chat. It’s been day two. I have to say it is awesome to see my dad at home. Now all I have to do is get my mom onto it. I’ll never pay for calling them on my cell again! AWESOME! I also talked with college buddy Kelly in Rochester. She got me interested in seeing Matt and Kim’s new video.

After I talked with them, I put on some clothes and headed out the door. I was famished. I went to McDonald’s because it was the only thing open on the block. It’s Lunar New Year today so the streets were nearly empty and the shops were closed. The weather today was magnificent! I felt really cool in my sunglasses. After lunch, I went down to the five level mall next to the HomePlus, but Basic House wasn’t open. So then I went to Baskin Robins and had my favorite–Twinberry Cheesecake.

I decided to go back to the Home Plus area to see if I could find a coat and I did. It’s a bit trash-baggy in its look, but it fits nice and is a lot shorter than the coat I have now. I’m happy because it was also on sale for 39,000 won. The coat at Basic House would have been 80,000 won. I love deals.

It’s 7:21pm and I’ve been watching season 4 of Greek. I used to really like it when in college and figured it be something to do, until I start to pack for my trip to Seoul. I’ll be leaving pretty early to catch a 7:45 train in Busan, but it’ll be worth it as the earlier I get there the better.  It should be fun! I’m always interested in meeting new people and this will probably make me not want to leave Korea at all… I love Seoul so much, it’ll be one of the things, other than good friends and memories I’ll miss most. I hope to see friends from Incheon/Bundang on my visit and meet many more people that live nearby. There’s only so much fun one person can have on the weekend and I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth!

These are mostly pictures from Tuesday I hadn’t put up:

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