Haeundae and The Plan So Far

I hadn’t eaten a thing and it was already 2:30pm this afternoon so at the bus terminal I got some honey covered peanuts and a banana milk. I got on the bus and an hour later I was at Haeundae in Busan. My time has been well spent.

I went to Jangsan station looking for some Korean Mexican food at Hello Kimchi, but I couldn’t find it through my phone’s web service. I gave up after a ten minute walkabout and headed back to Haeundae–this time to Indian restuarant Namaste. It was really good.

Now I’m at Coffine Gurunaru in Haeundae, sipping on a green tea latte and looking up vacation plans before I go home, so far this is where I’ve gotten:

1. Seoul-> Japan 8/26-9/2

2. Japan-> China 9/2-9

1. China-> India 9/9-16

1. India->Home 9/16

Home 9/16-9/23 REST, visit family

The flights and hostels would all cost $2,285.05. But the other thing I have to consider is spending money. I’m working that out. I’d rather see three countries than spend all that time in one–though I’m sure it’d be really worth it in India. So maybe I’d change my mind…

Being Home and What I’d do

Home->NYC/Ithaca  Visit friends and my college

Ithaca-> Boston Visit god family, sight see

Boston->Canada Visit a friend there, first time sight see

Canada-> Home REST, sleep

Home->Next place of employment

Pershaps my plan would take two months instead of one month…Hmmm….

I just don’t know. Still much more to think about.

Pictures coming soon, uploader still acting weird!




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2 responses to “Haeundae and The Plan So Far

  1. I’m also planning something like this. I’m thinking 3 months, hostels, low budget, trains/buses, some homestays.

    I’m also leaving Korea around end of August.

    I’m thinking
    Korea–> China (3+ weeks)–> Vietnam–> Laos–> Cambodia–> Thailand–>? –>Ending in India (3+ weeks), and flying back to the states from India.

    I’m planning to be back in the states by December. I’ll probably do some homestays, like http://www.helpx.net and couchsurfing.org

    My budget will probably be around $5,000USD.

  2. exciting plans. kind of the opposite of me at this stage of life. all i want to do is stay home.

    take care khadijah.