Sunday Brunch and Munch

Had brunch with Kira at The Pancakes and went around Seomyeon to Art Box and cafes trying to find an internet connection for my computer. After I left the station, I headed to Holly’s Coffee, which said it had wireless–lie. I called it quits  around 5:30 and headed home.

While on my outing, I bought three DVDs and a case that can hold 64 of them. I’m well on my way to some awesome weeknight/Friday nights ahead. Things I’m going to start and stick with tomorrow: running, guitar/listening to more music and knitting. It’s been a while since I’ve done either and there’s always time to do things I feel are  important: becoming healthier/fitter, singing/song writing/getting lost in loud/soft music, and making cooler scarves with yarn.

Life is good! Wow I just got an idea…I should invite people to a brunch event at The Pancakes. It’d be a great way to meet other people. But how shall I do it? More things to think about, maybe tomorrow.

Oh yeah my computer is still sending the IO Error message when I try to upload photos. I’ll have to swing by LG after school and see if they can fix what’s wrong and put the settings in English. Check out this Facebook link for pictures that haven’t yet been aired. [Update: link is not really working right now, I have no idea why. So, try again tomorrow!]


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