Dear Cupid

Sometimes I think I’m too wise for my age. I’ve become a master at learning lessons. I’m quick to admit my own faults and am first to be the bigger and better person. Somehow I manage to process what’s happened (hurtful or not) and find a bigger picture to it all. The old saying  “All things happen for a reason” should add one more line “so you can learn the lessons of life.”

I continue to learn those lessons and I would be nowhere without them…but that really has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day does it?

My Valentine’s day  sweetheart candy/cards go out to…

the people I love  that love me. They even go to those people I don’t know who are reading this very sentence. I will forever be grateful of those moments we shared or will share. Happiness is love and love is happiness. And I’ve got both. Cupid, thanks, but I won’t be needing that arrow!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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  1. I absolutely agree.

    Happy Valentines Day love!