Hola! :D

On Saturday I bought a Lonely Planet Spanish phrasebook. Those high school and college Spanish classes proved to be coming back as soon as I looked inside. I barely passed in college because it had been so long since I had taken it in high school. But knowing that won’t stop me now….

I grew up with friends from El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua. My favorite sweet drink is horchata, and I love tamales and pupusas.

But there’s a small problem to teaching English in South America: I won’t make enough to pay my student loans/save to travel. And first is more important than anything else.

Maybe I could find an alternative, but I think it’d be great to be closer to home, which is something living in South America would give. I really want to learn Spanish. So why not make it happen? My next steps will be:

1. Figure out how to make South America/Spain a reality and have made a decision by mid March. [And having back up opportunities if it just doesn’t work out.]

2. Buy a workbook

2.Find a Spanish TV show I like, watch it

3. Study every day

4. Practice speaking with my friends at home via Skype

Here’s the  only picture taken today. The uploader is working now! 😀 Check these link for pictures taken last week Friday and yesterday.



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2 responses to “Hola! :D

  1. That’s also my plan. Did I mention that to you?

    I’m thinking South America near some fantastic diving. Right now, I’m hoping for Cartegena, Colombia– but we’ll see how my plans change as the year unfolds.

    Here is an option for Spain:

    Remember– you have to find a balance between having a life and paying extra on your debt. Sure you can pay it off quickly, but at what cost? AND, remember, that you have the option of a normal repayment period of 10 years.

  2. Yeah I remember–you told me! But I thought I told you that’s what I wanted to do too! 10 years is TOO long and I want to get rid of it as soon as I possibly can as I feel it’s the only thing holding me back from being financial secure and being able to travel often.

    I looked at this site before! This time I really read through the program manual, but it says people are supposed to be assistants. Assistants–maybe in name only? The pay is $951, that’s $451 a month for me to live off of–and absolutely no savings unless I tried keeping $200 a month–that’s $2,200 for one year–not going to cut it with my top priorities 😦 Maybe though there would be room for extra work–like private tutoring or something? 🙂 I might consider it then, but I want to make sure it’s really worth it first.