New Teacher, HomePlus and Fun Stuff

I’ve had the most interesting congestion. I don’t really remember when it started, but it’s been pretty consistent these past few days. I eat oatmeal everyday but I don’t put milk in it or even drink milk often. Maybe two weeks ago when I ate cereal–but the cereal’s ran out. I did have a green tea latte today and ate some cheese…maybe I should just stay away from really milky products? I don’t know.

I met the first new foreigner teacher taking over Angelika’s job. His name’s Dean and I didn’t really get much chance to talk to him. One of the oldest classes went wild and had no interest in listening to me. I tried really hard but I realized it wasn’t me, they were trying to impress the new teacher–and somehow that meant they had to act crazy. The class was a short one anyway because the other teachers and I had to make videos for graduation–held on Friday. Today I also got new books I’ll be teaching from next semester! I have one of the same books I teach from this year and other books I haven’t yet looked through. Tomorrow I make my monthly plans–and these are the books I’ll have for the next six months. It’s really awesome to know that way ahead of time.

On a random trip to HomePlus I saw my student Ivy, her mom and sister. She was all like “Hi TEACHER!” and I was all proud. Her mom thanked me for giving her some nail polish. I figured if I don’t use it, Sandy and Ivy could, and they took all six bottles before class started. At the store I bought much- needed crayons and pencils for school along with a bit of food. I don’t make big trips anymore because I’d rather only bring what I  can carry on my bike and in my bag.

Well, it’s 8:29pm and I’m going to paint my nails because it’s a shame not to paint them with the many bottles of nail polish I have.


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