Great Day/Braces Off In 2 Days! :D

Today I subbed a 10:30 class. It was the first class I’ve ever taught at KDLP. The students were as giggly as they were on the first day. It’s a lot of fun teaching them at such a young age (3 and 4). I knew the books were finished so we drew ourselves on scratch paper.

I tried doing my last class schedule, but it took longer than expected. Other than that, graduation is tomorrow–so I’ll be wearing the only dress I own. I wore the same dress during my college graduation. GO BOMBERS! It’s green and I wear it to every special school function. I should probably buy a new one, but I’m waiting on buying clothes until I’ve started running for at least a month. I think tomorrow could be the start, but who knows…keep your fingers crossed. I could use the support!

I’m pretty much going to watch lots of Law and Order (LA and CI) until I’m all Law and Ordered out. But that’s impossible! So I’ll do so until I feel like playing guitar or going to bed.

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