Graduation, The Gift And Farewell Dinner


There was so much love in the room I started tearing up. So did Michelle and many of the other teachers in the room. There’s so much we do for the kindergarten and so much they bring to us. It’s an incredible thing and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Everyday my life is filled a joy only teaching can bring. It melts my heart the most when it comes with an “I love you Khadijah teacher.”

The Gift

After graduation, Brandy, a Korean teacher, took me to her room. She said a student’s mom had gotten me something. Inside the box was  a 100,000 won gift certificate to Lotte Department Store! I started crying. I had almost started bawling at the ceremony, and this pretty much made the cake. I felt so special. Brandy gave me the mother’s number to text  and I sent a very appreciative note back–including a formal thank you in Korean. I even thanked the student when I saw her in class.

I’m still in shock. I have no idea what to buy at the store, but feel like I should go to the store tomorrow and really look around. It was so generous, I must get a card, write a note and maybe get some chocolates to show how special the mom made me feel. Wow, so unexpected!

Farewell Dinner…

All the teachers went out for dinner at a buffet near the mall/Home Plus area. It was nice. We all said our goodbyes and wished each other well.

The End

Other than that, my braces come off tomorrow! AWESOME!

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