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So it turns out I won’t have my braces off for another two weeks. Dr. Seo said there’s not supposed to be a small gap between my front teeth. So the dental assistant put some nasty tasting glue stuff in my mouth, along with two small push pin-looking silver buttons and a some mini plastic to correct it. I was upset, but there’s nothing I can do. Things like braces take time. I’ll just have to be patient for another two weeks.

I went to Lotte Department Store in Seomyeon. There, I went to Papa Rotti—a really awesome bun place. I had 5,000 won in my pocket and spent it on the bun/latte set. I then went up the escalator, looking for what I could afford. It was a bit discouraging as the first prices I saw were about 200,000 won and up. But then I hit the jackpot on the 8th floor. I was able to get something at Who A.U.-it’s like the Korean version of American Eagle. I got a polo for 15,000 won. I could have gotten more but I wanted to check out the floor. That’s what I did, until I spotted an Event Place where I found a thin sweater, and shirt for 17,000 won. Three things at 37,000 won!  After shopping, I went downstairs to the main level, ready to leave until I spotted The Body Shop. There, I bought foot scrub, body butter, a foot scrubber, and face lotion. All together it cost 65,000 won. Pricey but good stuff. That pretty much ended my cool shopping spree at Lotte…

But because shopping is cool and I like sales I went on to Uniqlo next  to the department store. On sale were some jean type leggings for 24,000 won. I tried them on. A successful fit in the dressing room meant I had to buy them.

I’m sitting at Atwosome Place and next up is the music store. It’s time I bought Inception. After all, every weekend is a chance to add more DVDs to my growing collection.

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