Deskwarming at a hagwon?! Yep!

Yesterday, I went to Busan, bought some items, read my book and surfed the internet at a café. I left my apartment around 12:30pm and didn’t get back until 11pm. My day was well spent.

I arrived at school today at 8:50am only to find every classroom empty except for a room which held all the kids who actually came  to school. There were no new students and no classes all day. I did get my elementary school books for the semester and began writing down page numbers on a calendar.  This semester I’ll go through the books at a slower rate. Instead of two books in two months, I’ve got two books for six months!  I’m making more effort to find/create supplementary material for the classes because most days there are two/three pages of work at the most. That’s technically not very much, so I’ll need extra materials. I’ll start tomorrow as it’s now 5:35pm.

Today was pretty good, and my first ever desk warm experience at a hagwon. And it wasn’t so bad. I found plenty of things to do.

I think I might finishing reading  The Zahir by Paulo Coelho at the new Tom n Toms Coffee after work. I wonder if they have green tea lattes. The best one near school is from Dunkin’ Donuts, and it comes with tapioca bubbles!


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