The Highlights Of My Day–Good and Bad

Most of what I want to say I will put in the captions. But here are some highlights:

1. The boy who cries everyday has finally come around! It’s awesome that most of the Cherry class is comfortable. It was pretty awkward trying to teach them anything because they had no idea what was going on. And because they don’t have English names–I have to catch their names on their nametags–luckily I can read in Korean!

2. Anes, one of the kids from Lemon class I posted about yesterday, is still all about hugging me in class. So is Alice. What I thought was funny was I tried to leave and she basically followed me to the stairwell doorway. I told her I’d be there tomorrow, and I’d see her later. I walked out of the classroom and Anes was literally on my tail. I told her at the stairwell doorway I’d see her tomorrow. I used na-el-in Korean and repeated tomorrow in English a couple of times and she understood.

3.  Sophie, a first grader in the Newbies class bit me on the hand. I was trying to take something away from her because she was being really rude about throwing a pencil back to Jamie (a serious class clown). She wanted a ton of attention today, but I just ignored her. Eventually, I sat next to her and she started doing her work. What a comeback!

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