Classes, Bike Oops And Fit’s Gum


Had to go to a seminar on one of the programs I teach. It was really informative, but six months late! I changed some things in class and saw immediate results! It was awesome!

Elementary classes went pretty well. I’m getting in the groove of things, know what they need to learn to say, read, write and speak. Focusing more on four aspects will make class more than just book work. For example, my first graders started a chapter on family. After going over the family vocabulary tomorrow, we’ll draw pictures of our families and I’ll put it up in the classroom.

Bike Oops

I hit a man with my bike while making my way home. I literally yelled at impact and immediately said sorry in Korean. I think I was more shocked than he was. I guess I was a bit scared he would have yelled at me–I’ve seen and know this kind of thing happens in those situations and was expecting the worst. The only thing I could have done better-saying the more formal sorry, instead of the casual one. I  started laughing aloud when I arrived at my front door.  It was pretty funny and a great story to tell my students. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it.

Fit’s Gum

If you want to kill time before class starts or just want to show kids something really funny after their work is finished , try Japan’s Fits gum commercials on Youtube. They’re a riot. They had some contests over a year ago, and thousands of people submitted their own videos. This one was a favorite of mine. Make sure to keep an eye out for the one in the middle.

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