Dad’s Here: Let The Fun Begin!

It’s 11:20pm and I’m ready for bed. I’m forgetting tomorrow’s my 24th birthday. It’s exciting, but no plans as of yet. I don’t think I really care what it is I do, I’m just happy my dad’s here.  He experienced a one minute aftershock at Narita airport in Japan. Anyways, glad he’s safe and talking to his long time friend on the phone. Makes me miss baseball games with the two of them. Their insults are funny and being in the stands is the most energizing experience.

With that said, I’m getting off of my blog, so my dad can check Facebook. Then I’m going to bed. It’s 11:33pm. Olleh!


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  1. mahythesis

    Happy birthday, Khadijah!
    I hope your Dad and you have heaps of fun.