Spontaneous Saturday

On Saturday, I spent an hour or so at the dentist. My braces were removed and a retainer on my top and bottom teeth were glued on. I’m very happy because I have a perfect smile! Big shout out to San Francisco Dental Clinic in Busan. Dr. Seo and his team are the best! A video can be found on my Getting Braces in Korea page (to your right).

Saturday highlights:

-Went to Nampodong for food at Breeze Burger. Perfectly sized and delicious! -Went to Haeundae to a bakery I’ve tried to go back to since 2009. Lucky for me it was open!! I sat sat on the beach/walked around and ate my awesome lemon tarte. I never drank so much coffee in one day–two cups! It was cold out there. I also saw a live music, which I took some video off :

For the other one, check out my YouTube page–it’s the same name as this blog!

-Met up with Katja and friends at Cafe Radio at KSU for a spoken word thing. It was really cool. Met some new people, ran into a girl I went to Ithaca with and had some chats.

-Katja and friends went to a place called Ol 55. Met two German guys there, one with red hair and a braided beard and one with brown hair. I danced with the group of people I was with to some non-pop while there, and danced to live music as well–one of the members played the trombone. I talked with Greg (the trombonist) and his high school buddy Allen after the set. I told him how much my Dad would have loved to hear him. I also met a guy named Scott, who rocked his leather jacket really well. I pretty much danced, and watched as three Korean guys jumped drunkenly to a song the band played. It was hilarious. The best part was when a drunken 40-year-old man said “You are okay. I’m am not okay!” as an announcement to everyone during a break. I wish I had my camera rolling. Then we all went to eat chicken. It was awesome.


-I went to Sasang station via cab and stayed at a motel. The one lesson I’ve learned–book a room before staying out in Busan/catch the bus back to Gimhae before it stops running for the night. It’s a lot cheaper than a one-night 45,000 won room, a 13,000 won cab ride to get there and more satisfying than five hours of sleep.

Another lesson I learned: Drunk people are funny, sometimes mean and really confusing when you’re not drunk yourself. Will I do it again? No. Why? Because Sunday morning reminded me of  how much I like feeling rested after a long sleep.

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