7:06 a.m.: Weekend and Monday Recap

The weekend was too short, always is when you’re having a good time. On Friday, foreigners and Korean teachers from KDLP and Eunsung schools went to Haeundae for a one night stay to eat at a buffet, get to know each other for 2 hours, sleep, wake up the next day, eat breakfast and leave. I had a great Saturday hangout with new people.

On Sunday, I stayed in. I watched The Godfather Part I and made a chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato. It was the best.

Monday classes went fine most kindergarten were out on a picnic, so I had time to gather materials, cut, copy and laminate things. Elementary was alright. Had to straighten out a student who was talking about my breast size with other students!  They’re only in second grade! Anyways, I’m figuring out ways to have the class run more smoothly like my second class. The difference: The first is all boys/two girls and the second is all girls/three boys. That’s a huge difference! I’m trying to figure out a new way to approach this class instead of having director Mrs. Beck come into my classroom every day to check on them. I’m happy she does, but I feel like it’s my class and I should be able to handle and correct such behavior! I know for one thing I’m done getting frustrated. I video taped the class yesterday…  Any suggestions would be awesome.

I have the sweetest morning schedule Tuesday/Thursdays and Fridays. On those days I have time to prepare and create new ideas so that students get all they can out of learning. I’m not exactly where I want to be as a teacher, and each day I try my best to improve that–whether it’s being more organized or making my own worksheets/visuals for class.

Anyways, I typed a lot! It’s now 7:30a.m.! Time to shower and eat breakfast! Pictures coming soon!


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