Had to make two of my oldest students (grade 3 and grade 4) write I will not play in class many times.

Today was good. I’ve got worksheets to last for the next two days. But also have some crafts as well. Should be good fun tomorrow right after we finish two to three pages of our book. Everything’s right on schedule. Figuring out pop songs is hard. Still nothing for my first class! Songs are as follows: Shy Boy-Secret [2nd graders class 2], Just The Way You Are [1st grade] and  Down-Jay Sean [3rd grade]. I’ve already have some awesome moves for Down. Also, I think it’d be awesome to have them wear sunglasses during the performance…maybe a white glove too…it’s not Michael Jackson, but it just sounds cool.

I bought a puzzle a while back–it’s of the painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. It’s a 300-piece puzzle. I don’t have patience for it. If there’s a next time, I’ll be buying a 150-piece or less instead. Thought it’d be fun, but I’m ready to give up. It was 10,000 won. The least I could do is put it together, but I’d rather blast music from YouTube, find chords to songs and play them on guitar. (It helps there’s someone in my building who’s practicing their guitar now!)


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