Upstairs in Apartment #201

Today after getting home from the dentist and shopping in Busan I heard someone singing and playing guitar. They were singing in English and I thought” hey, it’s about time I met this person I’ve been hearing since last week”. Well, turns out the singer/guitarist is  Park Young Deuk  and he lives on the floor above me. He invited me in and I met his mom (not his real mom, but like a mom) Seo Seong Hee.  I sat down, asked him about his guitar, he let me play it r and they offered me tea. While we drank Chinese tea, we listened to Korean folk music, some Nirvana and some samba inspired heavy metal.

Seo Seong Hee spoke excellent English. Turns out she meditates and happened to go to an Indian meditation center in India where she met a lot of foreigners from around the world. That’s why her English was so great. I thought it was funny that Park Young Deuk didn’t speak a word with the exception of “Hello”, “okay”, “very good” and “understand.” Well, I also found out Seo Seong Hee has a son and daughter that live in Seoul, as well as two grandchildren. She’s been living in Gimhae for a little over 20 years and she too plays guitar!


So, I’ve always wanted a Korean grandmother–Seo Seong Hee’s  this awesome person with this laid back persona. And my first impression is that she’s one cool wise woman, who could teach me a lot about  Korean culture. She gave me her number and told me to give her a call… I so will.

Best Saturday ever.


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