What surprised me most is that my oldest class [elementary grade 3 and  also my last class of the day] were the best behaved ever. They made teams-girls vs. boys and  I made a chart on my mini board of stick figures of a boy and girl. I had them start at O, and gave them plus or negatives based on their behavior [talking in Korean, finishing their work in silence, sitting nicely, really listening, writing in their notebooks not for class…stuff like that].  Points in the end were 3 (G) vs. 2 (B) At the end of class, they each earned one dollar for the school auction tomorrow. During class, I could help but flip out. I was  surprised that they were really listening and showed respect. It was by far the best class ever today hands down. My classroom was Sparta and I was its king. It’s such a great feeling when you get a great idea and it works well!


I’m editing a public vs. private school in South Korea post based on my experience in both systems.  So check back in a few days when I’ve posted it.

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