Children’s Day at KDLP

In spirit of tomorrow’s holiday, Children’s Day, students wore awesome animal costumes, brought in lots of food and had a day of special events. I handled the water gun fighting. For an hour I helped with the putting on of rain coats and filling up animal guns with water.

At around 11:30, it was time for Goldilocks and the Three Bears play us foreigner teachers  put on for the students. Amy helped us by being the mother bear. After that it was picture time, with all five classes…

Elementary students also had a special day as well–auction day. Depending on how many KDLP dollars they have, they get a prize. Most of my students were so taken by their prizes, the didn’t realize it was class time. After work, Dean, Julia, Ryan and I went to eat dinner at a Korean style chicken grill. It was good, but really spicy.

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