5:49 Run/Bike Project: Day 4

Progress from last run of 5:05 minutes. I currently am running on small side streets, but that doesn’t stop car traffic one bit. I need to find a place where there are less cars. I prefer running on the road than the sidewalk because it’s less bumpy… I’ll try something different tomorrow, figure out a sidewalk route–a scenic one. Today I was really happy to see a mountain from afar. Perhaps a route that has more mountain views.

Yesterday, I took as much paint of my bike as I could, cleaned and oiled it up.  It still looked pretty ugly, but I figured why should I not use a working bike? I let its image get in the way.  I rode to Rotti Bun for breakfast and then Home Plus for food. And, guess what?  No one cared my bike looked like crap, and as my feet pushed the pedals, neither did I.

I’m still waiting on primer from Gmarket.


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