Time To Change It Up

Elementary grades 2 and 3

I’m proud of myself because I finished monthly plans for next June  in less than thirty minutes after I ate lunch. Partly, it was because I filled in most of it last month. I searched a ton of things yesterday and have come to a conclusion. In order to really teach in the classroom, I believe we should: review, complete work in one or two books, review what we learned either by worksheet, game or project. I don’t think my students are really understanding the material completely. If I focus on one book–a specific theme–than perhaps it will be easier for them to grasp the concept. But I have to make sure there’s enough after-activity stuff for them to do. Doing three books in a day (1 page each or two depending on the book) takes up the entire class. Trying to explain is not hard, but most students don’t think for themselves. They aren’t at the level where they can open their book and  follow its  instructions. I’d like to get them there. Also, class would be a lot quieter if they stopped talking to each other in Korean, really listened and responded to concept questions asked. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.


I’m getting super bored with my normal lessons. So, I’m going to change things as well–talk about where animals are from in the world…spelling of animal names and moving one class up a level to see them interested and a bit academically challenged. When things were new last semester, they were interested and exited about class. Now,  it’s getting old for me, and I think the same goes for them. Time for a tune up and tweak.

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