6:57 Run And The Drama of Thursday

I went running today but felt like it was a struggle in the middle–I was really thirsty, so I stopped to drink from my water bottle, then I went the way I came.  It was going back that felt really hard, so at the street light I stopped my watch, and walked four minutes back to my apartment. That’s pretty good, tomorrow I strive for another run, 7 to 8 minutes with more of a slower pace…

Yesterday’s classes. I’ve had enough of my first class of second graders, four students were great, but the other four–all boys were terrible. So, I went to Mrs. Beck and my co-teacher (she teaches the same class) to talk with them about their behavior. I showed Mrs. Beck the many writing pages they’ve done, and still no change. So, she’s coming to my class to sit in. They’ll be quiet, but it will only last for that class period. I’ve seen it, some of them just haven’t changed and the only thing I can think of is calling the parents. And that’s the last resort. Perhaps, I can suggest splitting them into a different section….

My last class was full of drama. Alfie, Olivia and Ophilia kept getting on each others nerves and I flat-out called them a drama. It’s always something, and most of the time, Alfie’s got something to do with it. So, I told them I  didn’t want to hear anything from them unless it was  about the class work, going to the bathroom or getting water. Less drama tomorrow? Olivia must be an actor in life, she’s so dramatic. Heck, all seven of my third grader are. I think it’s time to put on an English drama!!! I’ll have to think something up!

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