Dedicated Like Whoa

You know the Mya song My Love is Like Whoa ? That’s what this title refers to.  It’s been 50 minutes that I’ve been home. I finished the last of my progress reports, took some pictures to make sentence patterns next week, and took the syllabus from a main grammar book used in grades 1-3. This weekend, I’m going to make sure I’m doing my very best to make sure my kids are really learning. I’m going to make flashcards with words, pictures, grammar points and the works. Next week is going to be a whole new style–one where I’m really getting through to the students.

I’ve finally mastered a plan, built on a check system. Checks are good, nothing is bad. My elementary classes were perfect today. As I think of cool rewards, I’ll be planning better lessons with games that relate to the material. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but if you really want students to succeed, it’s a duty as a teacher to change it up, figure out what works, what doesn’t and never give up. No bad apple is unteachable. All they need is structure, discipline and consistency–and most of the time it must be learned.  For me, I have to teach them, and mold them into the students I know they can be, so that they can get the best out of English class–a fun learning experience. It sure will feel good Monday when I’m more than just ready for class. I’m realizing in my elementary classes, the book is not enough–they’re needs to be a game, project and worksheet. Once they know the material, that’s when we move on. Who know once you sat down and assessed, solutions could be simple?!

Rooftop BBQ at School

It was nice. Steak, rice and lettuce! I also got something for my March birthday–a 30,000 gift certificate to Home Plus [FREE FOOD! Best gift ever!] and a thank you gift from the owners at school. That was cool, but I’m almost certain I got my 20,000 won back I just payed for teachers monthly fund yesterday. It’s cool and funny at the same time…

Weekend Plans

No plans for Saturday–perhaps if I knew where my primer was, I could finally finish my bike project…. In other news, I’m thinking about entering a running race on July 10th. The race site is kind of far, but if I keep running consistently (like most days of the week), I’m sure I could get up to a 5k (3.1 miles). After all, I’ve done well over than in the past.  Well, I’ll have to pay the 25,000 won fee next week and save my spot in the race. Then, I’ll know if it’s really going to happen.

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2 responses to “Dedicated Like Whoa

  1. Michael

    Hello! I’m an American considering heading to Korea to teach upon completion of my Master’s in Education, and I stumbled upon your blog.(which has been quite helpful may I add)

    I noticed all of your students have rather Anglo sounding names. Did you help them pick out English names to make the class room experience more interesting? I remember in my high school German class the teacher picked out German names for us.

    • Not all of them. My school is an English immersion program (all classes are taught in English) so most of them are given English names if they don’t have one. I picked out a couple of names I liked for my first graders and they took them or didn’t depending on which one they liked most.

      Plus, it becomes easier to remember names when you see the same students everyday and the names are common in the country you’re from. Mostly though, the directors at our school want them to be easy to pronounce (for the student).