What To Do, What To Do…

I’m pretty sure it was a beautiful Saturday, but I did nothing but stay in and watch movies. I kept thinking I would get myself outside, but it never happened. I ended up taking a  nap, waking up at 6pm and deciding I wasn’t going to go anywhere after all.

I can tell today is another beautiful day. Now, I’m contemplating what I want to do–go to HomePlus with my 30,000 won certificate, get brunch in Seomyeon, finish some school work then head to Beompsa Temple in Nopodong for a tie-dye event, grab dinner then go home or go to HomePlus with my gift certificate, get brunch in Seomyeon, buy a new  book , head to a Nampodong, sit at a  cafe,  finish some school work and possibly have dinner in Haeundae, then go home.

I think I’m going to bail on the temple today. It’s just not the same when you don’t go with someone you know. Plus, I didn’t buy anything to tie dye. I guess my heart’s not so much into it this time. So, option two it is! Sweet. It sounds like a plan.


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