Another Good Day

Kindergarten: Went fine!

1st class: There were hardly any students because of the weird Tuesday schedule at their public school. So we played the balloon game starting with the letter A…FUN!

2nd class: All accounted for, class went well. We always get stuff done and it’s always on time. Also, they had fun with the balloon game as well.

3rd class: They loved the balloon game (A for apple, B-butterfly…and so on). They pretty much understand everything. They’re my favorite elementary class because they learn so fast and understand it really well! Plus, they’re so cute and funny!

4th class: I found out they LOVE Indian snacks. I shared  some mixed dal snack with them. Some of the boys licked the plate! I’m getting tired of washing things, so I just threw it out…No game for them, I have a feeling the balloon game would get them too rattled to concentrate on their work. They all need to be in a drama club! Perhaps, that’s the new class name I should give them!

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  1. Your comment on Indian snacks made me smile. When I moved to Japan, Indian food was the only non-Japanese food in my town. Oh, how I loved it, to ridiculous extremes!