One Year and Nine Months In South Korea

There was an observation on my kindergarten KDLP class today and the woman who observed (from the Seoul school) said I pretty much rocked it! Even Mechel said so. I’m so glad it went well.

Elementary classes went well too. All except the first. I called Mrs. Beck from the office and had her deal with the students until the period ended. Every day it’s something with the boys. They right out disrespect me and catch attitudes when I tell them to stop playing and joking around. They all promised to be better tomorrow. To that I said “You say that now, but you always act up the next day. Mrs. Beck doesn’t have time to come here everyday, she’s a busy person.” After that they were made to say “I will listen to the teacher, I’m sorry,” before leaving. I thanked Mrs. Beck and she said anytime I need her (especially in regards to this class) I could call her for help…Sometimes I wonder what their parents are like….

But anyways, it’s been on year and nine months! THREE MONTHS LEFT! I should figure out my plan this weekend and make a report mid next week. Tomorrow, I’ll have to work on getting my documents ready.

I forgot my camera at work, but made sure I made this my profile pic on Facebook after the observation class:

We made paper bag monsters today.


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